Alycia Can Spell

Alycia can finally spell her first word by memory…. and the word is God!

SIL#2 had recently bought the gals a kids’ bible with lots of colourful illustrations. For the past few nights, Alycia has been pestering me to read this kids’ bible to her as she is so drawn to the colourful pictures in the book. She was so interested in the bible that the following morning when I asked her what I had read to her the night before, she could tell out the entire story. Then when I asked her how to spell the word God, she said GOA. I then corrected her. I was very pleased anyway that she got the first two letters right. The next day, I tested her again and this time, she got it right… she spelt out GOD.

Today, I tested Alycia’s spelling on the word dog. She got the first two letters right by saying DOB. I corrected her. I shall test her again tomorrow to see if she has picked up the word dog. I know I should not be testing her as kids just don’t like to be tested but kiasu mummy me am just too happy and excited that my baby girl finally knows how to spell.

The kids’ bible that sil #2 bought the gals.

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3 thoughts on “Alycia Can Spell

  1. erm..alycia is very clever for her age.
    anyway, which parent is not kiasu nowadays? everyone is.. so keep up the good work.
    i started teachin shern alphabets when he is less than one year old, and my cousin’s husband saw me doin it, he said im so kiasu. but now im so glad he knows some alphabets already. better to start early and make readin a habit dont you think.

  2. Alycia only wants to learn stuff that she has interest in and is esp. interested in books with lots of colourful pix.
    You’re also doing a great job. We r not being kiasu lar. We are merely capitalizing our children’s learning opportunity window as kids learn best from ages 0 through 5.

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