I Want To Watch Barney!

Last nite after using the tv to babysit the gals for about 20 minutes whilst I had a quick scrub in the bathroom, Sherilyn pleaded to watch more Barney when I turned off the tv. She wailed and rolled on the floor. It took me about half an hour to finally subdue her. She’s normally ok when the box is switched off but yesterday she was cranky, really cranky as she did not get sufficient sleep during her afternoon nap time. Gosh, really hate it when the gals have insufficient sleep in the afternoon.

Alycia cheh cheh was trying to comfort and hug her mui mui but ended up almost smothering her.

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13 thoughts on “I Want To Watch Barney!

  1. what’s with it with this ugly purple dinosaur that we adults dont understand?
    all these little fella has barney syndrome in one way or the other. shern adores his ‘pressmytummy- barney singin-i love you’ and the barney vcd. pheew.

  2. LZmommy… my 2 gals often comfort one another when either one of them cry… so nice to see them hugging one another. Really cools down my boiling blood when I m fuming.

    Leena… hey my 2 brats also hv the ‘press my tummy to hear me sing’ barney soft toy. Now, it’s chucked in the cabinet, hardly touched.

  3. haha.. poor gal. i donno why some mums find barney ‘repelling’, hehe. i personally have no issues with barney, or maybe i’m and old kid myself? 😛

  4. Chin Nee… u r rite.

    Sweetpea… some moms i know said they find barney repulsive coz of his voice… an old man’s voice in a cute dinasour’s body, haha…

  5. Hi HFM–such a noticeable difference when our kids have sufficient sleep and when they don’t. That naptime for the under 6 y.o. is soooo helpful.

    She sure does look upset. Poor little one!

  6. aiyo..poor thing…mine oso liddat sometimes. i’d just tell her barney needs to sleep…so everyone go zzz

  7. Ya, I also dun like it when my gal dun get enuf sleep in the afternoon. By nite, she gets so cranky till I cannot tahan.

  8. Aiyoyo..look at that face..hehe. Somehow I can’t help to laugh. I bet you were too when you took those pics..hehehe..

  9. Have you watched Supernanny? Put her in the naughty corner…ha ha…(the naughty corner is a spot where she will be instructed to remain for a period of time, alone, when she has been naughty and explained of her “mistakes”…
    I think Sherilyn is too young for the “naughty corner” now……..Uncle Raymond

  10. Hiyah… u think both ur niece so kwai will stand in the naughty corner ar? Not even in my dreams! They are not even scared of the cane.

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