200th Post

I cant believe that today marks the day I’ve written my 200th post since I started blogging 2+ months back. I can’t believe that I’ve written so many posts and I’m still enjoying blogging very much. The best part about blogging is that I’ve made new friends with many wonderful blogging mummies & daddies, besides earning some pocket-money through writing reviews.

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7 thoughts on “200th Post

  1. my gawd! Me almost 1 year also haven’t reach anything near 200 posts! Unless i combine all my other 3 blogs!

  2. whoa! that’s a lot. I’m ashamed of myself, haha. been blogging since July 2004 but im on my 500something only. But lately i feel that i’ve been blogging too much, because of the sponsored posts ^_^

  3. Hey thanks everyone 4 d kind words. I cant wait 4 d day when I can announce I’ve written my 200th PAID post 🙂

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