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Weeks ago, I had posted a query in my blog on how to back-up a blog. Yesterday, I found out from Ai Lian that I can now back-up my blog at for FREE!! All you have to do is to create an account, register your blog and you get 50MB free back-up space. You can choose to schedule a daily auto back-up of your blog. My query is finally answered but once the 50MB free storage is utilized, I think the blogger would have to pay for the service.

Thanks Ai Lian once again for the community service!

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5 thoughts on “Blog Back-Up

  1. Oh my gosh! I should have known this before I accidentally deleted my previous site.I have been blogging since December, 2004 but unluckily it was deleted last March good enough I retained my URL but my entries all went to waste. Thanks.BTW, visiting thru my cousin Girlie’s hipncool site.

  2. i have not given that a thought, doing backup on the net.

    But I do print my entries though, that’s good enough…but one of this days i’ll try doing what you did =)

  3. Mamabok… i think i’d read something about transferring of blogs from their website. You can log in to their website to read more.

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