Alycia Loves Her Kids’ Bible

Alycia loves this kids’ bible that sil#2 bought her weeks ago. She is so in love with the book that she begs me to read to her every night.

A couple of nights ago, as I was busy reading to Sherilyn her favourite book, Alycia ‘read’ the bible to herself. I quickly took out my camera and took a pot-shot of Alycia, so deeply engrossed in the book (more of the pictures actually) that she was frowning as she was reading away. I just hope Alycia will have a life-long love for books.

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9 thoughts on “Alycia Loves Her Kids’ Bible

  1. Have been reading your blog for a while. You have really done a great job with your girls.Teaching them through all kinds of methods, and being consistent with your GD cards. Keep up the good work – your girls are lovely!

  2. Good to introduce to her, have been thinking to buy one for Jo as well..

    So, have you submited your blog to sponsored review? Actually, sometimes it is so difficult to place the bid as they always like to decline bids.

  3. Hmom… tks. Are you still doing GD cards with your gals?
    Have you been meeting up with the rest of the Babysmooches members?

    Hui Sia… I’ve submitted but i think will mostly get rejected coz my blog is still new.

  4. she will…my my eldest daughter was her age, she loved books too…she’s 14 now, and when she has extra moolah, the first thing she has in mind is to buy a book.

  5. Girlie… you’ve trained Ish so well. I wish Alycia would also do the same in future. Ish is beautiful. She’s gonna be a future heartbreaker, like mummy?

  6. eh, shern has a similar bible story book he got as a bday pressie.
    she looks all serious readin. cute. no doubt she’s goin to be a future heartbreaker too. hehe..

  7. Mom of 2 angels… eh, we read blogs and earn money too wor, hehehe…

    Leena… does shern like the kids’ bible?

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