Alycia My Young Reader

Every morning as the gals have their breakfast, I will be seated at the dining table reading the newspapers as I sip my cup of green tea. Most times, Alycia will climb onto my chair and ask me to read the newspapers to her. I will then quiz her by pointing out familiar words to her. Yesterday, as I walked into the kitchen to get a bowl, Alycia quickly climbed onto my chair and began to ‘read’ the papers, flipping the pages like a pro reader and pointing to the words as if she knows how to read. I think I will be the happiest mommy around if Alycia can finally read a book or the newspapers on her own.

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5 thoughts on “Alycia My Young Reader

  1. Big girl lor! Wait till the day she starts to snatch Section 2 from you..that’s where the comics are.

  2. Hi HFM–such good focus! Look at her learning how to begin to read. Soon …

    And will you want to share your newsapaper then (wink)?

  3. Vien… actually reading the comics can improve one’s vocab & grammar. I learnt a lot from reading comics when I was younger. I dont mind if Alycia fights for the papers with me & i am waiting for that day to come, haha…

    TNP… I am waiting for the day to come when I can finally share my newspapers & books with my gals 🙂

  4. so lucky u can read paper with your children around. i can hardly fix my eyes on any words with qiqi 🙁

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