Cool Gadget For Babies And Adults

My sil recently got a cool gadget for the gals from Hong Kong, but mummy and daddy can also use it. It’s a anti-mosquito device, specially designed for babies. The device operates by emitting ultrasounds within a range of 3 metres which annoy mosquitoes without causing any undesired effect to people or animals. It operates on batteries with an average useful life of approximately 100 hours. This gadget is so small that you can fasten it to your clothes, babies’ strollers, planpen, just on anything. Cool or not?

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5 thoughts on “Cool Gadget For Babies And Adults

  1. shireen, you and your family are blessed with a Godsent-shopaholic sil..
    keep gettin gift leh..

    yes, super cool gagdet btw

  2. i was about to ask does it really work? let us know. 🙂 it will be a helpful gadget from my hub cos he tends to attract mozzies whenever he’s in msia.

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