Rubbing Vicks On Soles Of Feet – Part 3

Yesterday was the 5th straight day I applied Vicks on the soles of Alycia’s feet and again, she slept soundly and peacefully through the night. Well, I am QUITE convinced now that Vicks did help to prevent the cough. Today, Alycia is feeling much better, her cough has lessened and the phelgm has also reduced. I must also give credit to Manuka Honey. Other factors which contributed to her speedy recovery include :

1) Sleeping in an air-condLESS room
2) Eating plain rice porridge with dishes that are mostly steamed
3) Avoiding heaty food like crackers, pan-fried food, sweet stuff and cold food.
4) Drinking lots of water and barley water
5) Getting enough sleep
6) Lots of praying

However, what works on a child may not work on another child as every child is different.

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10 thoughts on “Rubbing Vicks On Soles Of Feet – Part 3

  1. Vicky… I’d read of the hoax too but when u r desperate at midnite, u will try anything 🙂

  2. im not sure about this but my mom and aunty told me not to give too much barley water to little kids. it seems that it worsen the cough. how far it is true im not sure. what do you think?

  3. Leena… depends on what type of cough. The chinese say there are 2 types of coughs, the ‘heaty’ cough & the ‘cooling’ cough.
    If it’s the cooling cough, then better not drink too much cooling stuff.
    For toddlers, it is better to drink ‘sarng soke yee mai’, i.e. the bigger ones. In order for the barley not to be so ‘leong’ (cooling), just boil it a little longer, until the colour of the water turns really white and the barley bits become really soft. I normally boil for 2 hrs in slow fire using gas.

  4. oh you mean the china barley? the not so pleasant smell and taste one. thanks for your clarification sweety.

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