How to get angry leh?

Alycia and Sherilyn have completely different personalites. Whilst Alycia has always been a high need child, very sensitive and more reserved when she’s with strangers, Sherilyn has a very ‘colourful’ personality. She is very chatty, fears no strangers and would greet anyone she meets on the street (which can be dangerous), very cheerful and slap-happy, just like her daddy.

Whenever I scold Sherilyn, she would either sing a song out loudly and lets out a loud pretentious laugh to overshadow my voice or she would run to me and say “mummy, kiss you”, then gives me a wet kiss on my forehead and lately when I reprimand her and give her the fiercest stare ever, she would look back at me, straight into my fiery eyes, puts on the most pathethic look ever and then she would start blinking her eyes. First blink…. no response from mummy, then she tries blinking her eyes harder the second time and I try hard to suppress laughing and often, at her third hard attempt of blinking, I succumb to her hoodwink and would burst out laughing out loud. And when she sees me laughing, she jumps and laughs in victory, as if to tell me “i won again!”. You tell me how to get angry with her leh? From fire raging in my head, her cute tomfoolery douses the flame instantly like rain water pouring on a raging bushfire. I wonder where she learnt all these from.

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9 thoughts on “How to get angry leh?

  1. so clever your Sherilyn, sure knows how to win people’s heart…aiyo….how to scold her like that?

  2. hahaha…kids are just so funny when they are not driving us up the wall 😉 ashley would cover her face with her hands and peep thru her fingers to see if i’m still giving her the fierce look 😀

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