Little Ah Sow

Alycia has caught the ‘toy-obsession bug’ from her lil’ sis. All of a sudden, Alycia has developed an obsession with this Disney plastic bag that my mil brought back from Hong Kong weeks ago. Inside the plastic bag are her toy food, some Pooh Bear cards and some Lego blocks. Each night, she would bring with her this plastic bag filled with toys noisily clattering as she goes upstairs to her room and in the morning, she would carry the shabby plastic bag down, just like a little ‘ah sow’ (meaning middle-aged frumpy woman in cantonese) going to the market. Don’t you think she looks ridiculous?

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10 thoughts on “Little Ah Sow

  1. Hi HFM–Ah Sow–funny expression here because she looks so adorable (smile) . I’m always amazed at how they become focused on something and for a period of time they “must” learn all about it!

    Thank you for sharing this sweet pic!

  2. how can such a sweet girl like her looks like little ah sow? no where close to one.
    disney plastic bag wor. so elegant! at least not giant plastic bag.

  3. She’s such a poser eh? So pretty. Wow…i like the masak masak counter she has..where did you buy that? hopefully not in HK 🙂

  4. Mom to Chumsy… u r right, the toy kitchenette is indeed from HK 🙂 You can get pretty toy kitchenettes from Toys R Us too. We got one for the gals last yr but had given it away already coz the gals hv too many toys 🙂

  5. no way! she looks cute and pretty.

    kids her age really likes role playing a lot, watch out for the coming role plays, one day she’ll become a hair stylist, on another day, she will yet be another ^_^

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