Sherilyn and Her Toy Ice-Cream

This is Sherilyn’s latest craze and obsession : her toy vanilla flavour ice-cream. Not that it’s a brand new toy, daddy bought the gals this toy about 2 months back but for the past few days, Sherilyn has been clutching on to her toy ice-cream everywhere she went, including sleeping with it. When she wasnt looking yesterday, I stealthily took the toy ice-cream away and washed it as it was laced with her saliva, only to have her screaming her lungs out when she couldn’t find it the next minute and instead found her ice-cream all wet.

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6 thoughts on “Sherilyn and Her Toy Ice-Cream

  1. ooo i know exactly what you mean! i wouldn’t dare to remove cairo’s flavour of the week b4 getting her approval… especially so if it’s night time. my girl can shriek the house down :s

  2. aiya mommy…why u go take her ice cream hehehe…..faythe oso got the same toys, but the ice cream and cone already separated LOL

  3. My son also same type if he is holding any toy u definately cant remove from his hand but i will give him a new one for exchange. Then problem will be solved. Clever leh!

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