Weaning Off Diapers During Bedtime

Alycia is exactly 3.5 years old this month. She’s 90% off diapers and only wears diapers during naptime in the day and during the night before bed. For months, I’ve been wanting to wean her off diapers completely but procrastinated coz the gals fell ill continuously at the beginning of the year plus I am lazy and don’t have the zeal to pull myself off the bed the whole night to put her on the potty to pee. I know if she’s off diapers completely, that’s going to save DH LOTS of money on diapers. You know how costly Mamy Poko diapers are. Furthermore, I’m not sure how Alycia will react if I were to jolt her from slumberland to have her sit on her potty to pee. I think she’ll most likely holler and wail in defiance and startle everyone in the house, not to mention our poor neighbours. This could go on for days, if not weeks or months.

How am I to know if my child is ready to be potty trained during naptime and bedtime? Well, Alycia still wakes up with an overloaded diaper and most of the time, she would even wet her clothes and the bed.

Would experienced parents care to share your experience?

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12 thoughts on “Weaning Off Diapers During Bedtime

  1. hope the weaning would be a success! Ur girls are darlings! Cant wait till mine grows up to be like urs. May i ask how much is MamyPoko diapers and how many pcs in a pack? Here we buy huggies 72pcs toddler size for AU$36+/-

  2. The surest sign that your child is ready to be potty trained is that her diapers are almost dry in the morning. This means they can control their urge to wee when they are asleep because they dont like the wet feeling they get from wet diapers. That subconscious thing. This is how I started with Rae. She woke up with almost dry diapers, and then I started to take her to the toilet every 2-3 hrs in the day. We had a few accidents at night and that helped in making her more aware. It’s hard on us parents coz I had to clean her bed (she was wearing those plastic training diapers and I made her sleep on a plastic sheet after a while) each time it happened, but it took only four nights, and she was trained.

    Not looking fwd to potty training Sky!

  3. Both my kids were diaperless before 3. First I started training them when they are awake, then diaperless during nap time and I let them choose which underwear to buy, to get them interested in trying.

    My PD told me to start training them only if their diapers are dry but I didn’t wait for that coz I think when I let them wear diapers, they depend on it.

    I put the water proof mat (I’m not sure what you call that) under their bedsheets. Before naptime, I encouraged them to use the toilet 1st. I also told them they are big girl/boy and they don’t need that. It may take some time but it worked. I encourage them and praised them when they did it.

    At night, I gave them their milk earlier and try not to let them drink too much liqiud before bedtime. They sleep at 8+ and at midnight, I get them to go toilet. Then they will be able to hold it till they wake up the next day.

    It was easy for me to train my girl but not my boy. He throw tantrums when I drag him to the toilet but after few days, he got used to it. Now, I don’t have to wake him up anymore, he will wake up on his own if he needs to use the toilet. He was so proud of himself, saying I am a big boy!

    Hope this will help 🙂 You need lots of patience when training them and don’t be discourage to keep on trying. Don’t forget to give lots of praises too.

  4. Momnibee… MamyPoko here costs around 80sen (XL) to RM1-00+ (XXL) each. Huggies dont really work for my gals, they tend to leak when they’re too heavy. Both my gals wake up with really heavy diapers that almost touch the floor when they walk 🙂

    Jenn… wow, 4 nites is really fast!
    It took me about 1 mth to successfully potty train Sherilyn. I did use the cane & threats too… i know that’s wrong but that worked for her, soft approach didn’t work for that stubborn brat.
    Tks 4 the great tip.

    LZ Mommy…. i m amazed how ur kids can sleep at 8pm+. Wow wow wow…. at 8ish my gals are still hyper. Tks 4 d handy tip.

    Now, let me figure how i can train Alycia. Tks everyone.

  5. Mommibee – Mamy Poko is anywhere from RM37.00 to RM43.00 for a pack of 28, depending on where you buy them and whether they are on sale or not.

    Talking bout Mamy Poko, due to stiff competition, they have now made their diapers wonderfully soft and there are pics on the front as well, not only on the back like before. PLUS, the pictures differ from diaper to diaper – changgeh or not? I saw Tee choosing 1 day and asked her to hurry la, they’re all the same. She said no they’re not. Later I checked….WAH!! Winnie the Pooh doing different things on different diapers leh…

    I bought cheap diapers for Her Royal Highness but she refuses to wear them saying too itchy la, the tape sticks to her la, doesn’t fit la….die or not! So I told her if she wants Winnie the Pooh diapers go ask her Nana to buy. I am buying Giant brand – take it or leave it. So now Nana buys her diapers lor.

    As long as they don’t drink a lot just before sleeping, they should be OK and of course, make sure they go just before sleep too. Tee doesn’t wear diapers during daytime naps but as soon as she wakes, I will take her to the washroom. Night time….I am not ready to be changing sheets at 4am in the morning! Sometimes she stresses us out cuz she refuses to wear a diaper before bedtime so we have to secretly put it on without waking her up. Even if it has to go over her panties. Sure beats changing sheets at 4am!

  6. Aiyo u ah 🙂

    Actually potty training isnt just about saving diapers and getting them ready for preschool or kindy. Age is not the same as readiness. Rae was 2 1/2 when she was ready and Skyler still has a full diaper in the morning and she will be three come Nov, so you can hv kids who are ready at a very young age, and some who arent ready even when theyre five. We went camping one time and I noticed some of Rae’s preschool friends still wearing a pull-up at night.

    Look at this article: http://www.webehave.com/potty-training-problems.htm

    Keep in mind that forcing the pace of toilet training at a very early age or when the child is not ready, may cause fear and anxiety, and result in potty training problems.

    Children who don’t grasp the process, but sense that they’re doing something wrong and displeasing the parent, may become anxious and uncomfortable at the sight of a bathroom, potty seat or toilet and even dread bathroom smells and the sound of flushing.

    It all sounds very ‘Westernised’ but remember they are based on sound science – healthy emotional development is as important as you waking up every morning and exercising and making sure they eat healthy.

    And don’t worry, they will be ready before they go to primary school because they will see from their friends at preschool and ‘peer pressure’ will eventually influence your child to go potty.

    Remember, it’s often just our own anxiety that makes us want to rush our kids. Don’t so kiasu 🙂

  7. Big Pumpkin… Tee is so right man, the cheap diapers really hv lousy tapes with sharp edges that cut the skin & cause rashes. I’ve tried cheap brands like Carrefour but end up with more work coz the diapers tend to leak and the side tapes suck.

    Jenn… hey tks 4 d great website!

  8. i tried to wean off Jo when he was about 2 and half yrs old. For the first few nights, i would call him up and try to make “shee” sound for him, of course he didn’t like me to wake him up from his slumberland. But after a few tries, he can call me up when he wants to pee. Most important that i had psycho him everynight before he dozed off, i would tell him “good boy won’t wet his bed, what will you do when you want shee-shee”, then he would reply me “call mummy”. THat’s worked at last…you can praise your girl if she didn’t wet her bed as well…alternatively, try not to give her too much of water before bed.

    good luck to you

  9. Chloe just turned 3.5 yesterday.. and she is still wearing diapers .. for poopie.. and nite-time. Since she doesn’t nap .. we donch have this problem. She does wake up in the morning.. with her diapers full at times.. but when she gets up in the morning.. even if she has a diaper on.. she wants to pee pee in the potty. We haven’t tried not putting on diapers for her at nite yet. But i think it just might be high time to do it.

  10. start training them during the day, maybe you can talk to her and tell her that even if she wears diapers, when she feels that she has to pee, she has to wake up and go to the comfort room. Encourage her and tell her that she is a big girl already and no diaper will fit her anymore ^_^

  11. Mamabok.. i m surprised that at her age, Chloe doesnt nap. Doesnt she get cranky towards the evening?

    Hipncoolmom… tks 4 the tips.

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