Bulk Vending Machine Business

Lately, I’ve been toying with some ideas on starting my own home-based business. There are a few businesses that I am interested in, among which is to set up my own online store selling baby items and the latest idea is a franchise business in bulk candy vending machines. This idea came about when I saw Alycia and other kids going crazy over these gumballs and toy capsules vending machines. The other day, daddy spent $8 on just 1 toy capsule on a vending machine for Alycia and there was a long queue of kids waiting to insert coins into the vending machine at a shopping mall. So this idea struck me. What a good 100% cash business this is. I’ve asked a friend of mine for advise and he asked me to check out vendstar, an established manufacturer of bulk vending machines that can get me into the bulk vending machine business. If I get to earn enough money from writing paid posts, I’ll definitely give this bulk vending machine business a great thought.

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