A few days ago, as I was busy cleaning the gal’s cupboard where they keep their toys, I accidentally knocked down my Lamp Berger infuser and the expensive oil went dripping down from the table onto my thigh. I was squatting down and suddently felt something really cold, like alcohol hitting my thigh and I also heard splats of liquid dropping. When I looked up, I was horrified to see my Lamp Berger infuser on its side and the table, floor and my shorts were soaked with the expensive LB oil. More than half the bottle of oil had spilt out and I think that cost me over a hundered bucks. Hiyah…. what to do, it was my carelessness and there’s really no point crying over spilt oil……

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4 thoughts on “Heartache

  1. shireen, u must have bought this long time back. It is an antique now for we no longer selling that diffuser in our company…phiew…luckily din break it !!!

  2. oh so that was bought years ago, what i have in my house is the glass one, more antique than yours i guess, harhar.

    i bought it when my daughter was 8, now she’s 13…5 years ago

  3. Girlie…hey, i also hv those really antique glass ones, one blue and one magenta. The ceramic one is specially for the anti-dustmite oil.

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