Sweet Chestnuts

DH bought these peeled roasted chestnuts imported from China in packet form from Purple Cane Tea House last week. Alycia and Sherilyn loved them to bits, especially Alycia who insisted to eat them directly from the packet. Yesterday morning, when I poured out some chestnuts into the bowl for Alycia for breakfast, she waaaaaailed and insisted that she wants to eat them from the packet and she finished the whole packet all by herself and then asked for another packet. I am quite sceptical of food and products imported from China as I’ve read of them being tainted with pesticides, poision and what not. Anything that looks dodgy to me, I won’t want to put too much into my body. So when the gals were asleep, I hid the packet of chestnut, haha….

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3 thoughts on “Sweet Chestnuts

  1. hhahahaha…i’m also very skeptical about products from china 😀 I also hide stuff when Ashley is asleep so that she won’t ask for them. Are those chestnuts sweet?

  2. there’s another brand they sell in hongkong…i think you can find it at aji ichiban stores(if im not mistaken it’s a japanese store), ask your MIL to get them for you

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