Jigsaw Puzzle

Alycia and Sherilyn love jigsaw puzzles. Alycia is quite good with them and can easily fix a 30-piece jigsaw puzzle in under 10 minutes. I had always thought that Alycia lacks attention span but when it comes to jigsaw puzzles, she can spend close to 1 hour quietly and intently fixing the puzzle. So whenever I need to get some work done, I’ll just let her play with her puzzles and get her to teach Sherilyn the tricks to fixing a jigsaw puzzle. I intend to get her some new jigsaw puzzles with more pieces, probably a 100-piece one so that she will spend longer time fixing them and I get longer time to do my work!

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3 thoughts on “Jigsaw Puzzle

  1. That’s really good…at least your angels can spend some time quietly to do it and you have some time to yourself 😀 I don’t think mine can sit still like that.

  2. any tips on how to start them on puzzles..i started some with faythe..but seems like she doesn’t really understand how to get about with the sides first..then the rest

  3. Jazzmint…sherilyn is like faythe, doesnt really understand that she has to begin with the sides first. I think towards 3yo wld be a better age for them to understand coz that’s when Alycia began to get pro at puzzles when she was reaching 3yo.

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