Eczema Again

Alycia’s eczema has been dormant for months but for the last 1 week, it flared up again. This is the worst eczema outbreak. Her face is covered with rough rashes and the skin under her eyes looks red and rough. The redness under her eyes made her look so sick. There are also patches of red rashes on her palm, under her nostrils, above her lips, on her neck and patches of what look like bruises as a result of excessive scratching on her arms, buttocks and behind her thighs. She has not been eating anything new so I can’t pinpoint what is causing the eczema. It could be due to the hot weather lately coz she tends to have rashes whenever it’s hot and when she sweats profusely.

Anyway, I have been boiling a concoction of purple flower water with brown sugar for her and it seems to help in reducing the rashes. I shall blog about the healing properties of this purple flower soon.

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5 thoughts on “Eczema Again

  1. I used to have very bad rashes.. when i was a kid.. 🙁
    And in order to stop me from scratching.. my mum boiled some hot water .. and used a cloth .. and burned the itchy patch.. and i tell you .. it was GREAT..!! it did stop the itch.. for at least a day. I know for small children.. you have to be very careful we donch burnt them.. but you may wanna try.. because it really did helped me. Otherwise.. i would scratch till blood comes out.. then i’ll be happy.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  2. aiyo…poor gal. is she allergic to some food? Ashley recently developed some skin colour rash on her cheeks, hands and legs. I don’t really know what trigger it too 🙁

  3. Mamabok… tks 4 d tip,let me try it!

    Mom to chumsy… i think the eczema was triggered by excessive sweat and hot weather.

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