Working Out On My Trampoline

My knees have been hurting me lately as I’ve been jogging uphill a lot these days. Jogging uphill is a strenuous exercise and it burns up more calories. I feel more worked out and sweat more when I jog uphill. Sometimes when I don’t get enough sleep, it makes me breathless too. I decided today that I should give my knees a rest, so I worked out by jumping and dancing on my trampoline instead as trampoline takes your body pressure off your leg. If you want to find a good way of working out and not hurt your legs too much, get a trampoline. It’s inexpensive, fun and you get to stay in shape. Oh, I also like to jump on the trampoline with my gals, they love it.

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3 thoughts on “Working Out On My Trampoline

  1. I wanna get one for Chloe.. but PB was skeptical.. and didn’t want the brat to fall and break her head.. so i didn’t get one.. 🙁

  2. You are simply amazing. Can still exercise when you sleep so little ;D don’t be too hard on yourself and take care 😀

  3. You can get Chloe to hold on to something still and stable when she jumps on the trampoline so that she wont fall off.

    Mom to chumsy… thanks!

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