Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzle

This is the magnetic Thomas and Friends jigsaw puzzle that I bought Alycia from Safe n Sound, 1U. It looks easy to fix but if all the puzzles are dismantled and jumbled up, you will have a real hard time putting the puzzles together again. Yesterday, after the gals had jumbled up all the puzzles, I had to get my maid’s help to put the puzzles together before keeping them as I was busy with some assignments. Alycia still needs some guidance from me to fix this puzzle as the puzzle pieces are quite small and difficult to assemble. I’ve also learnt a lesson. I can only give her 1 set of the puzzle (1 set consists of 4 Thomas characters) at a time and not all the 3 sets at once, so that she won’t jumble up all the sets.

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4 thoughts on “Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzle

  1. Thomas the Train (TTT) !! I haven’t see this over here. Zac will be so delighted, he just love TTT. I understand what you mean by giving him 1 set to play instead of all 3. I usually will give Zac one puzzle at the time till he finishes then play another. 🙂

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