Writing Paid Posts

I woke up at 5:30am today. Completed the 2 offers that I had accepted at 2:30am and now, I’ll do some back exercise on my fitball then I’ll head outside to my porch to work-out on my trampoline again. It’s really tiring working like this but I get a sense of achievement and my financial security back. It’s amazing how money motivates people.

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7 thoughts on “Writing Paid Posts

  1. gosh can’t believe it…you woke up at 2:30 and barely had 3 hours sleep? you’re a super mom…money indeed motivates…i’d do the same too ^_^

  2. Girlie…i actually hv around 5 hrs of sleep. I hit the sack at around 11:30pm and sleep till 2:30pm, that’s 3 hrs plus from 3:30am till 5:30am, that’s another 2 hours. I also have 15 mins of power nap during the day, yeah, i can only afford 15mins.

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