My 2 Little Absolute Terrors

My 2 gals can be very destructive or should I reword it to say that they are rather curious and love exploring and discovering how things function?

Almost all the drawers in my house especially in my room and the gals’ room as well as in the kitchen and in the hall are fixed with child-safety locks to prevent the gals from messing up and breaking our things and to prevent their fingers from being pinched by the drawers. But most of the locks don’t get to stay fixed in their places for more than 2 days. Same goes for those safety corner protectors that we stick to sharp edges on tables and corners. They rarely stay in their places for more than 2 days before being ripped out.

This is the work of Sherilyn, the main culprit and ring leader. She yanked the drawer knob out and ripped the child-safety lock apart.

Another of Sherilyn’s crime from another drawer in her room.

Yet another crime by Miss Itchy Fingers. She yanked off the child-safety lock from the oven door on the same day that daddy fixed the lock.

Clever daddy had to fix screws into the plastic corner protectors so that they can withstand Miss Itchy Fingers’ ripping spree.

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10 thoughts on “My 2 Little Absolute Terrors

  1. we just give up especially when the side corner just drop off. Just teach Jeriel to open the drawer properly….and be careful with the corners..

  2. Wow…she’s really good eh? I will be getting these when we move to our house. You think Ashley will do the same ? ;D

  3. curiosity kills the cat. in this case, cabinets.
    i gave up on those safety locks. never works. just have to keep an eye on him,

  4. maybe if she does it again, you can put her to “time out”, so she’ll understand that she’s not suppose to do it again. Sometimes kids learn when there is “punishment” not a hard one though after doing something not good. Maybe 10 minutes of time out will do. I used to do this to my kids when they were younger

  5. Girlie… time-outs dont work 4 my gals, i’ve tried it. I tried putting alycia into the darkroom (storeroom) for just a few seconds and she wailed and cried till she almost puked.

  6. Shireen, that’s gonna be their initial reaction just like my kids, but I was firm with them, I felt terrible when i heard them cry but then again I had to ignore it for them to learn their lesson and not do it again. It worked for me. It’s heartbreaking being a mother sometimes and very frustrating too but above all kids melt our hearts.

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