My 2 Little Kitchen Helpers

DH does the weekly marketing of vegetables, fish and fruits at a nearby pasar-malam (night market) every Friday. When he brings home the produce, my maid and I will lay everything on the kitchen floor. Whilst my maid wraps the vegetables in white mahjoong paper and labels them, I’ll keep the fruits in the fridge. My 2 gals will try to kepoh (nosey parker) and ka ka cau cau (disturb in Malay language) by trying to help around and they end up squashing up the vegetables, juggling with the oranges and apples, poking tomatoes and brinjals with their lil fingers and sticking chilli padi into their nostrils. They squeal in delight when they see so many colourful vegetables and fruits on the floor.

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4 thoughts on “My 2 Little Kitchen Helpers

  1. we do our marketing once a week during sunday. know wats gonna happen, papa will usually keeps qiqi away while i quickly pack the vege and meat into their containers..

  2. wow! you have lil helping hands in the kitchen…that’s a very good start. They’ll make a good homemaker just like you. I wish I can train my children to do the same

  3. wah, daddy do shoppin ar? how great. shern’s daddy first trip ever to pasar malam was 5 years back when we were datin and i tag him along, and never been since then. can you believe my anti-shopper hubby.
    you’re lucky, your dh do grocery somemore.
    girls are great helper, boys i dont think so.

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