Alycia’s Wierd Behaviour

Lately Alycia has been talking gibberish whenever she’s angry with me for forbidding her to do certain things or when her whimps are not met. It’s scary to hear her talk this way. Her thoughts would then seem incoherent as she rambles on and on. Some words are incomprehensible and some of the things she said are so unbecoming of a little toddler. She would say things like “i will chop off your hands and throw you into the dustbin” to Sherilyn as she smacks her or say such things to me “stop talking to me, I hate to hear this… I will find a new mummy”. She seems to have a Jekyll and Hyde personality coz when she’s good, she’s really as sweet as an angle and when she’s bad she’s really horrid. I just hope this is just another fleeting phase and that she will not grow up to be a wayward child.

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3 thoughts on “Alycia’s Wierd Behaviour

  1. Hope she didnt pick this sort of language from nursery school! It could be coincidental since she wasnt talking like this before attending school. Better check her, ask her why shes talking in this manner.

  2. Yesterday I just talk to a mom who’s gal also just started her preschool. She also told me that her gal in now becoming rude on her speech. Must have caught them from the other children in school, scarry man!

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