MIL Going Back To Hong Kong

My mil will be going back to Hong Kong tomorrow. I hope the gals will take it well, especially Alycia who has grown so attached to her mah mah over the last 3 weeks. Each morning when Alycia wakes up, the first thing that she’ll ask is “where is mah mah?” Starting from Monday, mah mah will not be here anymore. Alycia also tends to stick to my mother, her granny every time we go back to Ipoh. Each time we had to return to KL, she will start to whine and say “i don’t want to go back to KL. I stay here with granny” and will cry big time when it’s time to get into the car. Hopefully tomorrow she will not cry when her mah mah gets into the car.

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One thought on “MIL Going Back To Hong Kong

  1. Lucky us.. Chloe doesn’t have this attachment.. where she doesn’t wanna leave .. muahahah!! darn..! wished she would though.. 😉

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