They Love Being With Mah Mah

The gals love being with their mah mah (paternal grandma) because only mah mah will be so lenient with them with food. Since mah mah loves eating, she buys new food home for the gals to eat almost everyday. Several days ago, mah mah bought a packet of dried pork meat home. As she was cutting the dried meat into smaller pieces to be stored into a tupperware, the gals crowded round her and waited to be fed with the meat. With mah mah at home, the gals will never go hungry as there are tidbits and snacks in the house all the time.

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6 thoughts on “They Love Being With Mah Mah

  1. hehehe….it’s fun having another person around the house, especially one who is giving them lots of food ;D whenever my mum is here, ashley sticks to her like glue too ;D whenever my mum leaves, she has do it quietly or else my lil’ missy will start bawling.

  2. Mah Mah knows how to pamper our little ones.

    Whenever my mum visits me, she will bring lots of food for me. I am sure she will do the same when Malaika is older.

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