Alycia’s Pre-School

Yesterday morning I walked Alycia to school, together with Sherilyn and my maid so that the gals can get some exercise and a dose of Vitamin D from the morning sun. I also wanted to speak to Alycia’s teachers to probe why she is acting so strangely with all the puking in the morning and defiance when it comes to homework. To my surprise, her teachers told me that Alycia is coping very well in class. She is enthusiastic when it comes to writing and writes well, is always the first few to finish her work and proudly passes her work to her teacher. When asked how her social skills are, the teachers told me that Alycia is a little quiet but nevertheless still talks to her classmates and asks the teachers questions. I was so happy when I heard the remarks but why is she so defiant at home and pukes in the morning after her milk? Yesterday morning, I even made her lesser milk for fear of her puking again and didn’t even brush her teeth as she showed signs of wanting to puke after her milk. When I gave her a spoonful of her favorite fried vegetarian meehoon, she even spat it out. Maybe she’s still feeling a little nervous going to school. And of yes, I almost forgot. When I was about to leave the school with Sherilyn and my maid, Alycia started to cry!

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