Sherilyn Can Write

This morning, I gave Sherilyn a letter tracing workbook and taught her to write. At first, she just squiggled and kept scribbling the letter ‘O’ on the pages. I held her hand and guided her to write a few letters but she didn’t want me to help her. She wanted to show off her independence and kept scribbling randomly on the pages when she finally settled on the page with the letter ‘E’. I then attempted to hold her hand again and guided her to write the letter ‘E’. After a few times guiding her, she tried to trace on the dotted lines on her own. The first few attempts were shaky and crooked but after a few tries, she finally managed to grip tightly on the color pencil and traced on the dotted lines quite well. After a few minutes trying, the tracing became better and straighter and she traced almost half the page of the letter ‘E’. I was so happy and praised her profusely. She was grinning and clapping her hands away as she finished tracing each letter. Later in the evening, when Sherilyn was doodling on her Doodle Pro, I asked her to write the letter ‘E’. She knew the strokes and got almost all the strokes right but missed out the last stroke on the bottom of the letter ‘E’, though she was trying hard to write it. I am so proud of her little achievement.

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  1. Sherilyn can write now? Wow…that is a great milestone. One thing for sure, this lil gal really has passion for learning. U might wanna consider sending her into kinddy with her sis?

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