Washable Magic Color

These are the washable ELC magic color chunkie pens that my sil bought the gals from Hong Kong recently. The ink comes off super easily when wiped with wet wipes and does not leave any stains behind. Yesterday, the gals were drawing with these magic color pens and they stained their hands and table. I used wet wipes to remove the stains from their hands and table and I was so glad that the stains could come off very easily. No scrubbing was needed.

The magic color stains on the table.

Just use a piece of wet wipes to wipe off the stains.

The stains came out easily when wiped with wet wipes. Notice how clean and shiny the table is after I’d wiped it with the wet wipes.

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9 thoughts on “Washable Magic Color

  1. We only buy the corola’s washable stuff for chloe since young. It’s way easier.. for the price we pay .. for them. it’s great..!

  2. It is nice to hear got such magic color pens….I really surrender already with the color pen that Jona always use at home – can’t get ride of it…. 🙁

  3. Thats great. Does it come off clothes easily too. I have magic colour pen marks on my sofa now!! There is an ELC at BAngsar village too, but have not recalled seeing the marker pens

  4. Shern’s mom…. yup, i’m very lucky to hv such a generous sil who’s a shopaholic.

    HMOM… i’m too sure if they come off easily fr clothes coz my gals never stain their clothes, just the tables and the walls!

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