What’s That Creature?

When Sherilyn saw this creature gliding up our oven door one morning a few days ago, she went “mummy, what’s that?” When I took a look, I saw a baby snail slithering up the oven. The snail had actually come from a bunch of vegetables that we had bought and left leaning against the oven door. This is the first time Sherilyn had seen a baby snail. More than 20 years ago, the sight of a snail slithering outside our garden was so common. My brothers and I used to play with these snails. We also played with sand, marbles, kites, climbed trees, cycled round the neighbourhood, plucked flowers from our neighbours’ trees, played inside drains, played hopscotch, played ‘kor kuang’ a.k.a. passing the border (LOL!), etc. every evening for hours without the supervision of our parents, yet nothing bad happened to us. Now, if I had left my gals to play outside the compound of our house for more than an hour without supervision, I dread to think what would have happened to them. Times have really changed.

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5 thoughts on “What’s That Creature?

  1. yalor, those days..no one keep an eye on their kids.
    see the society today, the case of the little girl who got raped and killed? and whose child is it also dunno yet? poor soul..

  2. wait till u see my 2 ‘monster’ boys…they always join together to kill all those insects – spider, insect, ant, etc…..**pengsan**

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