Daddy, I Want To Go Too Please!

When daddy brought Alycia to the paed’s office on Saturday, he didn’t bring Sherilyn along as we didn’t want her to breathe in virus from sick kids. Ms Social Butterfly was very upset that she couldn’t tag along and cried for an hour until daddy came back with Alycia. 

For one hour, she lay on the floor next to the front door and wailed out “dadddeee..eee….eee….eeee……  daaddeee….eee….eee……eeeee, open the door, I want to go”  just like an Indian drama queen wailing away in one of those sob stories Indian movie.  She looked so pathetic but hilarious at the same time coz she really sounded like an Indian drama queen, LOL!

My maid had to comfort her and fed her watermelon whilst waiting for daddy and cheh cheh to come home.

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3 thoughts on “Daddy, I Want To Go Too Please!

  1. Poor girl. My lil girl was like that last time. We usually tell her that if we go out and work, we can’t bring her along but if we go “kai kai”, we will bring her. Now, she would say: “Bye bye mummy” when we go out on a working day.

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