Was Your Wedding A Dream Wedding?

Was your wedding a dream wedding or do you wish it turned out way better than you had expected?  My wedding wasn’t my dream wedding. I had wanted many things for my wedding 7 years ago but because hubby and I ran out of budget, we couldn’t make our wedding my dream wedding. 

If I could just plan my wedding all over again, I would definitely cut out the elaborate Chinese wedding dinner that cost us more than RM20k.  Instead, I would just have a small wedding reception and spend the money on more wedding jewellery and a honeymoon to a destination of our choice. 

As we ran out of budget, hubby didn’t buy me much wedding jewellery. Even our wedding band was a simple and plain gold wedding ring. I had wanted some designer jewellery and gold jewellery like the ones from AstleyClarke.com but we just couldn’t afford them. Well, maybe during our 10th wedding anniversary, we would renew our wedding wows and this time, I’ll make sure hubby gets me my designer jewellery and a romantic honeymoon too!


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