Substituting Dark Thick Sauce With Bovril

My 2 gals love to eat ‘kon loa’ noodles (or noodles with dark thick sauce) from the hawkers stall. I don’t like my gals to be eating too much dark thick sauce as it’s an unhealthy condiment – the sauce is loaded with sugar that’s cooked till it becomes thick caramel. Any carbohydrate that is overcooked and burnt produce cancerous chemical.

Since they are starting to get bored with eating fried noodles and noodles with soup, I made them my own ‘kon loa’ noodles today, with Bovril. What I did was stir fried some onions, shallots and fish paste (can also use minced chicken or pork meat) with sesame seed oil and add some Bovril to it. The sauce is then added to the boiled meehoon and they tasted like the ones sold by hawkers, really tasty.

I shall be cooking this dish again soon and this time, I’ll snap a pic of it and post it in my blog.

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