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Hubby has 2 vans to run his catering business. If one of his vans are down, he will find it very difficult to rely just on 1 van as he normally has a few functions running simultaneously in a day. When one of the vans broke down last week and needed a replacement auto accessory, I told him not to go back to the car workshop that repaired his MPV.  

If you’d read my earlier posts, you’d have read that hubby’s MPV was stuck in this workshop for almost half a year when he sent it there to get it repaired after the MPV was submerged in flood water last year.  The workshop owner gave lots of reasons and crap to hubby when hubby kept asking him when his MPV will be fixed. I told hubby that he should try ordering his van auto accessories online from as this online store carries a large inventory of auto accessories at low prices. I am also pretty sure he doesn’t have to wait for half a year for the accessories to arrive.

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