My Friend’s Moving Again

I got an email from my friend who’s working in the U.S. yesterday informing me that she’ll be moving again. Her hubby who’s working as an auditor will be transferred to another state. They will be moving from San Francisco to New York this time. Moving from one country to another or moving interstate is no big deal to them as they’ve moved more than 3 times within a span of 5 years. They have a list of good and reliable Long Distance Moving Companies with them and each time her hubby is given the transfer letter, she will hop on to to get the moving quotes and select the moving company.  She has had good experience with the mover from this company when she moved from Seattle to San Francisco about a year ago.  She will also get a 65% discount this time as it will be the second time she’s using this moving company. I wouldn’t like to be moving all the time but oh well, my friend and her hubby have no kids yet, so living a nomadic life should not be a problem for them.

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