Streamyx Down Again

Streamyx connection was down for almost 2 hours from 12 noon.  The ‘data’ line on my modem was blinking and all other lights were stable too.  When I clicked on the Streamyx icon on my desktop, an error message no. 678 appeared.  Called Streamyx and was on the line with the customer service guy for almost an hour but the problem wasn’t solved.  Was feeling so down as I have 9 outstanding tasks  due tomorrow and on Saturday.  Thank God the connection was up again at around 2pm, otherwise would have to work at hubby’s office and bring the 2 gals along.

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One thought on “Streamyx Down Again

  1. yea, our office connection also down. And me is half way writting my paid post too and about to post it, da da! Line got disconnect! So we are having a good time in the office, no internet line means no work lo. LOL!

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