We Witnessed A Car Theft

Last week, hubby and I witnessed a car theft at our neighborhood.  We had just gotten back from the clinic and were about to get down from the car when hubby saw a man behaving suspiciously at the door of a car about 6 houses away from our house.  Seconds later, the smooth criminal opened the car door of a Proton Iswara Aeroback and sped away.  We weren’t very sure if it was his car or he was the thief.   Anyway, hubby immediately informed the security guards on patrol. 

The next day, 3 young men came knocking on our door to ask if  I have seen a red Proton Iswara Aeroback that was parked  at the spot that we saw the man drove it away.  They told me that the car belonged to their friend and he couldn’t find his car after work that evening.  I told him what had happened and it’s true that the man whom we saw behaving suspiciously indeed stole the car.  My neighborhood is really unsafe. Even with the presence of security guards patrolling the area round the clock, car thefts are still very rampant.  Hubby’s MPV was stolen right in front of our house last year at broad daylight and the previous owner of our house had also lost his Proton Perdana to car thieves.  Even our neighbour lost his Kia Sorento MPV last year.   I think it’s high time we look for another place to stay.  I would personally prefer a condo with tight security.   

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  1. Condo’s aren’t always the perceived safe place to stay either. Only under 2 months ago my unit was broken into. That’s the 2nd time, first time was when I was still single years ago.

    We live on the 6th floor. On weekends we’d be over at my folks’ ‘cos that’s the only time we all get to meet my side of the family. Suspect the maid had left her window opened, one that’s close to a balcony-walkway outside between me & neighbour.

    I brought our maid back to clean the unit, planning to head back to my folks after that. Came home to find the main window wide open, unlocked, padlock missing. Went into another (unused) bedroom to find our locked drawers wide open, documents strewn all over the place. Wifey isn’t into jewelery, so there wasn’t any to be taken; wedding gifts are in the bank. Only thing that I can tell was taken was an old watch which Wifey bought me. It wasn’t an expensive one, but still… (I don’t wear it because, well, let’s just say we have differing tastes!)

    Luckily we weren’t home either. Suspect the Idiot came into my unit first. Found (almost) nothing, pissed, and went to 2 other units in my block (may have been his plan of attack regardless). Apparently he had a knife. The mid-aged gentleman on 12th floor was up at around 4am for water. Idiot sneaked up behind him with the knife. Tied up the mid-aged couple, took whatever he took, & tried to drive away his Harrier (“tried”, he didn’t get far ‘cos of an installed engine immobiliser).

    I called security who called the police, made reports etc. Days later the condo committee came to see me for more details. One of them showed me a camera-phone photo of the knife used upstairs. It actually looked like one of mine (hardly used one). I can’t remember where that particular knife was kept, but can’t find it now.

    Between my first & second time, the committee has already changed the security company a few times. I can’t say who is not doing their jobs, but it still happens.

    You can email me privately on where I live…

    Sorry for taking up so much of your comments’ space!

  2. Actually now everywhere also not safe! Even in the broad day light, in front of traffic light, those robber also can just smash ur window screen and snatch ur bag! And another friend of me, even hijack her car in front of her house and in front of her SIL!! That is evening time around 7pm.

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