eLearning For My Girls

Alycia and Sherilyn’s latest learning method is from the computer.  Lately, Alycia is demanding to be read to from the computer instead of from books.  Almost everyday, I will read to the gals from the computer for about 15 minutes, then I will let Alycia rule the computer for another 15 minutes whilst I put my feet up and lie on the couch to take a power nap. 

Alycia has now mastered the mouse and is quite familiar with the e-books from KizClub and Starfall.  She can now independently navigate around these 2 websites by clicking on the ‘menu’, choosing the level she wants to be in and choose her own stories.  She has even learned to play educational word games at the Starfall website.   If you have a toddler, I would fully recommend these 2 websites for them to pick up their reading skills.  For KizClub, I can even leave the website to read the books to the gals whilst I take my nap.

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12 thoughts on “eLearning For My Girls

  1. my kids have started using the pc but not up to the extent of using it everyday. they still like their tv and books.
    is that sherilyn that’s sucking her thumb? so cute la. hehehe. and good they take turns using it.

  2. Thanks for the link to Kizclub. Tee has been doing Starfall since she was 2 years old and I think it’s where she learnt her alphabets! Now, she just reads the stories and likes doing the snowman and gingerbread man and pumpkin activities. But also getting bored…..I wish there were more activities!!!

    I only allow her computer time once a week though. And even then for about 15 mins max – otherwise cock-eyed man!

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