Yummy Tarts and Pies

For tarts and pie (Chinese sytle) lovers, do check out this stall called John King at the Pavillion food court. It sells a wide variety of tarts and pies and fried Dim Sum delicacies.

When we were there last week, hubby bought an egg tart, milk tart, chicken pie and ‘char siew sow’ .  They were all very tasty.

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4 thoughts on “Yummy Tarts and Pies

  1. looks really really yummy. aiks! and i;ve been there 2 wks ago .. didn’t know they have a place that sells these. my purpose there … jco donuts!

  2. Jo-N….i cant remember the exact location coz i’ve only been there once but it’s at the food court itself, near the exit. It’s only a small stall with glass food display and the staff are in uniform.

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