Air Purifier Cum Humidifier

Last week, hubby bought the latest Sharp air purifier cum humidifier.  Alycia has been having colds and throat infections too often and hopefully, with this air purifier placed in the gals’ bedroom, it will help to reduce her nose allergy and colds.

This air purifier has a clean Plasmacluster ion shower mode with humidification, where it acts to remove airborne dust, pollen, mold and allergens from the air.  There is even a water tank built inside the air purifier.  I don’t know how effective this air purifier is but I really hope it will help to reduce Alycia’s allergy and frequent colds.  It better be good coz it cost over RM1,600.

Do you use an air purifier too?  Do you see any improvement in your kids’ health after using it?

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8 thoughts on “Air Purifier Cum Humidifier

  1. wow..this is really expensive. hope it helps. do let me know, ok cos i have sensitive nose and sneeze all the time. if this is good, then i may consider getting one (got to tighten my belt) 😀

  2. I bought MedKlinn and it work wonderful for Jona…now, even bought MedKlinn mobile for our cars too 😛 For Isaac, I guess our home dryer really help him a lot regarding skin allergic….cause the dryer will filter all the dust/fur/tiny sand from the clothes..

  3. got some friends who used air purifier cum humidifier (but not as canggih) and they said it worked very well for their kids… personally, we had one in my ex-office and we didn’t feel much different though :-).. maybe it works better for home..

  4. Hey there, it has been a year ago since your last purchase of this sharp air purifier. Any major problem so far, and does it really help to improve your gal’s nose allergy and colds?

    Me also looking one for my two gals who always has the same problem.

    Thank you.

  5. Wesley… frankly, I don’t see any major improvements in my gals’ nose allergy and colds after using this air purifier. But it does help eliminate bad odor, eg. vomit and poop in the room very quickly.

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