Blogger Is Driving Me Nuts

For those of you with a blogspot blog, have you been facing problems logging in, creating posts, uploading pix, editing posts and accessing other blogspot blogs?  I have been encountering this problem since yesterday morning and this is really driving me up the pole.  Not that I have all the time in the world for blogging now and this problem is eating up too much of my time. 

Today the computer technician as well as the Streamyx technician came to check my computer and both times when they were here, everything seemed fine.  When they left, the problem crept up again.  Sounds creepy eh?  Anyway, I have only limited access to my blogspot blog at certain intervals throughout the day and during this time, I have to hurry like a mad woman drafting my paid posts, quickly upload pix, etc coz the next minute, access will be cut out again.  That’s really darn frustrating….

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