Avent Bottles And Teats

Before my brother from Singapore came to visit us 2 weeks ago, I asked him to help me buy Avent baby bottles and teats as Leena and a few of my blogging friends had told me earlier how cheap they are selling in Singapore.  

When I saw the price tag on the bottles and teats, I was really shocked to see how much cheaper they are.  The 9- ounce bottles are only sold at SGD17.20 for a twin pack and the teats are sold at SGD6 for a pack of two.  Incredibly cheap.  I will definitely ask my brother to buy me more bottles and teats when he next comes to Malaysia.  I wonder why Avent products are sold at such jacked up prices in Malaysia.  Imagine RM30++ for a 9-ounce bottle and the price has been increasing every year – freaking expensive!

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  1. Though it’s expensive ..for those who can’t source frm S’pore or UK, it’s worth buying here when there’s sale (sometimes offer in parenting magazine). It’s all worth it. I’ve used it when I was BF my twins exclusively. The breast pump is especially gentle and productive. Go for it shireen. Should ask Ray to get for u…as a gift perhaps Hint Hint!!

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