I Am Finally Maid-Less

After having a maid for more than 5 years, I find it really tiring without one now.  Today is Alycia’s first day of school this year.  I woke up early to do some simple house work and to prepare her lunch box. 

The 2-hourly temp maids arrived at 10:30am sharp on a motorbike. I had to explain to them what to do and had to climb up and down the stairs more than 20 times as one maid was working upstairs and another maid downstairs.

At 11am, the computer guy came to my house to fix my PC as the Network Card in my CPU was struck by lightning yesterday and I could not access internet since yesterday afternoon. I was running from one place to another – attending to the computer guy, then to the maid who was downstairs, then ran up when the maid upstairs asked me questions. Phew…. luckily my mum is here to entertain Sherilyn.

Being a SAHM to 2 kids without a maid is really a FULL-TIME job without any rest. I hardly have the time to sit in front of the computer. The varicose veins on my legs are making matters worse. I even have to bring a chair to the sink so that I can sit while I wash the dishes. My big tummy has also been ‘hardening’ quite a bit for the last 2 days… which is not a good sign. I know that if I continue to run around like that, I may even go into pre-term labor as I had this threat when I was carrying Alycia and Sherilyn. Thus, I was put on partial bed-rest when I was carrying Alycia.

When my mum leaves on Friday, I’ll be left alone again. I hope my maid agent is able to send me the live-in temp maid on Sunday as promised, else I will really go bonkers.

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7 thoughts on “I Am Finally Maid-Less

  1. Slowly la, since you are a SAHM, housework can slowly do leh. I used to have a maid but ever since my previous maid is a bit ‘kuku’ I decided not to have one cos got scared on them. End up now got to do all by myself and still need to work. With the 2 kids to take care, its quite tiring but still rewarding tho.

    Do take care of yourself and hope your new maid arrive earlier.

  2. No matter what, take it easy. u suppose to enjoy ur pregnancy. Mum is there to the rescue.I’m sure she wont mind to stay on after Friday if u really need her to. Dont forget prolong walking & stdg can aggravate ur varicose veins. No other ways to abstain other than cutting the aggravating factors. Alslo left a comment in ur blog on varicose veins. Take care.

  3. Yup….for me, after work – handling 2 boys, really exhausted and tiring compare to sit in the office even though for few hours per night….you must really take care of yourself and rest more ya…..I had bad experience on my first pregnancy when I over tired…..

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