My 2 Little Laundry Helpers

My 2 little ardent helpers helping granny fold the laundry. Without a kakak around has to some extent brought out the positive and helpful side in Alycia and Sherilyn. Last night, I was really touched when Alycia said this to me when she saw me folding the laundry “mummy, since I have the time, I can help you fold the clothes”.  But kids being kids, after helping out for about 10 minutes, she soon found it boring and went to play with Sherilyn.

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13 thoughts on “My 2 Little Laundry Helpers

  1. ok mommy, it’s the thoughts that counts afterall right. they’re such obedient angels, willingly helpin with the laundry foldin, knowin that you might need some help with the house chores.

    what’s next? let them try moppin maybe. hehe..

  2. I think the maid problem was a blessing in disguise… the kids get to help do household chores.. so next time they leave home for studies, they will know what to do also 🙂

    mummy, rest well ya 🙂

  3. Doing house chores is like a game to them. So when the fun runs out, they’d go do some other stuff. But we shld be happy to get watever little help they can offer us, rite?

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