A Jinxed Monday

Hubby had a meeting with his client in PJ this morning. On his way back to his office after the meeting, he met with a car accident. A man in another car, who despite saw hubby’s MPV coming, made a quick U-turn but stepped on his brake all of a sudden when he saw another on-coming car. Hubby could not brake on time and crashed onto the car. The front of hubby’s MPV was badly wrecked, so is the other party’s car. I must thank God that hubby was spared of injuries in the accident. If he were hurt in the accident, like how my brother was hurt in a nasty car accident 20 years ago, we would need to hire a good attorney, like the professional personal injury attorney Omaha based to help us with the accident compensation. I heard that the attorneys from Demerath Law Office in Omaha offer free consultation to their clients and will only charge them if they are successful in obtaining a recovery for their clients.

I hope hubby’s MPV will be fixed within 2 weeks, otherwise he will have to rent an MPV which will cost him a fortune.

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