How Long Did You Refrain From Washing Your Hair During Confinement?

During my first confinement, I refrained from washing my hair for 2 days and I surrendered. I then washed my hair every other day. On the days that I did’t wash my hair, I felt terribly hot and uncomfortable.  During my second confinement, I also refrained from washing my hair for 2 days and thereafter, I washed it everyday (albeit discreetly), but with ginger water and quickly blew dry it after the wash. During my first confinement, I got really depressed on the days that I could not wash my hair as I was sweating all the time, eating all the piping hot and heaty food, with lots and lots of ginger, wine and DOM. Thinking of it now makes me feel sweaty too!

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18 thoughts on “How Long Did You Refrain From Washing Your Hair During Confinement?

  1. i din do my confinement properly oso… i wash hair on the 5th day then alternate day…. n i go out shopping, not once or twice but many times hahaha…. stay at home can be very boring

  2. my record was 10 days and i usually wash everyday. the shortest period was 7 days and then followd by another 6 or 7 days. better not wash too often. switch on air cond instead of fan, use dry powder.

  3. I tried to tahan for a few days until cannot tahan…then i wash with hot water+herbs but during when sun is up and make sure wipe and blow dry…so that I don’t get chill…

    where can tahan 1 month no washing hair…

  4. I think 10 days, then every 3-4 days. Of coz hv to quickly wipe n blow dry. Had to really bug the confinement lady to let me wash hair. Coz she needs to prep more herbal water when I do. I’ve tried the dry powder in 1st conf, doesn’t work. In fact, it felt worse.

  5. Mommibee… ate maggie mee during confinement? Poor you!

    Alicia… wah, go shopping! I shd try this.

    Wen, Barb, Elaine…I salute you ladies for having such high tolerance!

    Chanel…. yup, I washed my hair in the afternoon too.

    Giddy Tiger….your future daughter-in-law will love you for allowing her to wash her hair everyday!

  6. am like you too, washed my hair i think the 3rd day. If my hair is oily, i wud feel very uncomfortable. wat is the use of a unhappy confinement right? I guess many gets post natal blue becoz of that (no hair wash/no shower)

  7. hmm..i wash mine once i discharge from hosp, then i waited for 5-6 days, then wash, then again 5-6 days. But I just wash with normal water lah…i can’t imagine mandi with the herbs on my hair..yucks LOL..I find that the dry powder doesn’t really work, makes the hair worse. But long hair better than short hair, long can tie, short kenot ler

  8. Not to scare u, i got that stupid chill during my 2nd confinement… is bad, trust me, u wouldn;t believe it, I was with 2 comforters and yet still feel the chill!!! the chill is fr the bone… was awful, definately no joke… better take good care

  9. For me, I only wash my hair after 14 days…Reason simple, I don’t sweat a lot, cause from day 1 I back home, I switch on my air con plus fan on for 24 hours (non stop)…so, I don’t sweat a lot….he,he…I did this on both my confinement.

  10. Wow! Didn’t realize this old wife’s tale is still being perpetuated. There is no medical reason whatsoever not to wash your hair! Just for fun, check with your doc, see what he/she says. I washed my hair whenever I needed to and even ate shrimps tho I had an episiotomy. Still alive…
    Not to poke fun at this, but I think all this came abt eons ago when sanitation was not what it is today ie water was not that clean, neither were bathrooms, and in old China in the winter time maybe lack of heating was an issue. In such a situation, maybe perinatal health was tenuous and hence how all the “do-not’s” originated.

  11. Chin Nee… yup, you r absolutely right!

    Jazzmint…. 5-6 days I cant tahan also 🙁

    Kelly…. i dont think the chilly feeling in your bones was caused by washing hair. I washed hair everyday but I didn’t have that feeling.

    Mamajo…. wah, u switch on the air cond / fan 24 hrs a day? Ur electric bill must have been really high that month.

    Chris… Yup, I have the same opinion coz all these old wives’ tales originated from China during the olden days.

  12. I stayed in hospital for 7 days then came back for another 2 days and couldn’t tahan anymore. So went out to hairdresser cuz didn’t want MIL to see me with wet hair at home. Said have to go out urgently to buy baby stuff or something like that la….washed hair then later, headache for a few weeks. Alamak!

  13. I bought this product called No-Rinse Shampoo and Body Wash, don’t need to use water. Can use it alternate days… for those that can’t stand, I think this is a good buy. It’s really better not to wash hair with water for at least 2 weeks, our body takes 2 weeks to heal from delivery. Even during period last time, if I wash hair I will surely get headache. So not gonna play around…I don’t believe in old wive’s tale, but I don’t this is one. Women and their head..always got prob wan..if I just washed my hair and go out and it’s windy, I sometimes get headache too…some of my friends get long migraine.

  14. Leona, where can i get the No-Rinse shampoo and Body Wash? Am expecting 2nd baby soon, think of not washing my hair scalp start to itch..pls advise!

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