Simple Lunch

That was my lunch yesterday – croissant stuffed with sardines, mayo, tomato ketchup and lots of Japanese cucumbers. I don’t have appetite to eat heavy meals these days.  Even sitting at the dining table feels uncomfortable as my bulging tummy will be pressed against the table.  I can’t even reach out to the dishes on the table  without standing up.  

Chin Nee, I just wonder how you’re going to handle when you’re 36 weeks preggers with your twins.  I think you will need to eat your meals on the couch and sit up when you sleep.

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2 thoughts on “Simple Lunch

  1. aiyo…Shireen, many people are telling me i have to sit up to sleep at the last stage for twins pregnancy. At only 26 weeks now, sleeping on bed (even tossing on my side) is KILLING ME!!!!!!!!

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