Bringing Baby C To Work


That’s Baby C in daddy’s office when I had to bring her along with me last week to complete my assignments when the internet to my house was disconnected for 8 days. The first day was bad as she did not want to sleep and kept whining. I was at daddy’s office in the evening, at 6ish p.m., which was supposed to be her bath time. She kept whining, tossing and turning in her bouncinet. I had to cradle her and nursed her all the time whilst I tapped on the computer keyboard with just my right forefinger.
If only Telekom knew how much inconvenience the internet downtime had caused to me….. which reminds me that I am supposed to send an email to the billing / customer care department to demand for a compensation for the period the internet was disconnected.

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7 thoughts on “Bringing Baby C To Work

  1. that’s what i did, made many many complaints until they fix it and demand for compensation. lost of hassle but i got my complaint through and also my compensation…:)

  2. Agree with chumsy mom – wow! just out of the womb and now need to adjust to 2 completely different environments! She will be strong survivor later on, for sure. Yeah, I’m curious too what your hubby say about this.

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