Flip Flops That Help Trim Your Thighs And Bum!

I love wearing anything that looks appealing, sexy, easy to wear and comfortable. For a super busy work-from-home mum with 3 kids (including a newborn baby) who always have to do things hurriedly to beat the clock, I no longer have the luxury to put on my make-up and jewellery and coiffeur my hair before an outing. Most of my time is spent on the kids and I normally only have a short 15 – 20 minutes of preparation time to take a quick shower, put on my clothes, apply some baby powder on my face, put on my lip gloss if I have the time and slip into my flip flops and I am all  set to go.

Having to chase around 2 hyper-active toddlers and carry a newborn baby, I find getting a comfortable pair of flip flops a necessity. Guess what I found out today? I discovered that I can get some amazing flip flops called the Fit Flop from this online store in the UK called sweatybetty.com. These Fit Flops are the leg-slimming secret of women all over England. They are such a hit with the women in England that they will soon be sold out, though only launched last summer. Every step you take on the Fitflops helps to tone, trim and tighten the thighs and bum! Amazing isn’t it? Since I don’t have the time to start my exercise regime yet, I really should get myself a pair of Fit Flop to tone up my thighs! Quick check out these Fit Flops now before they are sold out.

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One thought on “Flip Flops That Help Trim Your Thighs And Bum!

  1. These shoes sound like a good idea but be cautious as the principle behind is to have a slightly unstable sole so your body has to work constantly to mantain balance. U may not want to have an unstable base while running after 2 kids and holding onto an infant. Google “MBT shoes”…sort of similar principle. They do work for some ppl with sore backs(it helped my cousin), but a lady at work who has pronation problems isn’t sure if they help.

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