A Health Freak Nursing Mom’s Breakfast

Now that I am breastfeeding Baby C exclusively, I have to ensure that I eat wholesome food.  No more eating packed roadside ‘economy fried noodles’ or cee cheong fun with loads of sweet sauce for breakfast, though I still eat them once in a blue moon. 

Instead, my breakfast consists of :

7:30am – 1 glass of plain water and 1 glass of milk with my multivitamins and Probiotics

8:30am – fruits — red dragon fruits, oranges, kiwi fruits, papaya, grapes, cherries, etc

9am – half an hour of exercise

Second session breakfast consists of :

10am – Sugar-free low fat yoghurt with pumpkin seeds, walnuts, almonds, pecan nuts, chick peas and roasted soya beans.

A kampung chicken egg (free-range chicken) everyday.

A packet of Iko multi-grain biscuits or

Peanut butter / black sesame paste / cheese with wholemeal bread and.

A glass of sugar-free soya bean milk.

Sugar-free low fat yoghurt with seeds and nuts.

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