Baby C Loves Daddy

It’s funny how babies can identify their daddies…. maybe through the smell or the familiar voice that they have been hearing for 9 months while in mummy’s tummy. ย Though hubby is seldom at home as he works late, Baby C somehow knows that the only man who carries her at home is daddy. The moment she sees daddy, she would give him the sweetest smile, the smile that seems to tell daddy that she knows he is her daddy.

Whenever daddy comes home late at night, he would kacau her – by kissing her, talk to her and stroke her head…till she wakes up! And then he will put her back to sleep by cradling her, as if deliberately waking her up, just so he can talk to her and cradle her.

Daddy talking and playing with Baby C last night and she was so happy, she was squealing and cooing away.

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17 thoughts on “Baby C Loves Daddy

  1. hope everything is ok for Baby C.
    Ur hubby is so sweet to want to cuddle and talk to Baby C when he comes home late.
    I never think Baby C looked like a boy at all.
    She’s always been one of the MOST beautiful baby girl I have ever seen ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Happened with my dtr too…as a newborn, u could tell her face really lit up when daddy was holding her.
    It’s true what they say abt being “Daddy’s little girl”. In your case your hubby has 3! It is a beautiful post!

  3. Wow, daddy can put her back to sleep huh? So sweet ler, don’t wonder baby C know her daddy!! If me, I will get mad cause my hubby always ‘disturb’ my boys(when they are babies) and when they fully awake, he just ‘run’ away…….

  4. It’s often when they’re asleep that they look most angelic, and many nights I also find myself snuggling to my kids and almost waking them up ๐Ÿ˜›

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